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Have the number of classes/rounds reduced?

I used to do around 20 rounds in level 5. All of a sudden, I can do 5 and move on.

Mostly it worked like 4,4,8,12,20 for each levels. Now it seems to go.

I prefer to go slow and do 5-6 sessions/topics and move up after I finish level 5 in earlier ones. I think it's very reinforcing.

Why did this happen? Any idea?

August 31, 2019


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Others have reported this. I still have the typical 4, 4, 8, 12, 20 lessons per skill for Spanish. It may be some kind of test and it may be only temporary and will end soon. Duo does many tests with sub-groups of users.

August 31, 2019


Yeup this happened on mine too. I thought it was a bug. 4 lessons times 5 levels is not enough for me to learn the content of that lesson, so I don't know why they changed it.


Mine changed today as well.

I find the shorter sets keep me much more motivated to work than trying to grind out the longer ones. While I probably don’t retain as much in any one sitting, I’m much more apt to return more often, and I’m certainly taking something away from these shorter sessions.

But I’m also not expecting fluency at the end of the Duo tree. In fact it’s crystal clear to me by now that if I really do want to learn the language the Duo Mother-Owl will soon need to kick me out of the nest and into the wild.

So for me, the change is a positive. Soon I’ll be gilded, and then I can switch back to the reverse tree for another twist on my Spanish learning. I’m also becoming less and less reticent to dabble into trying to communicate with native Spanish speakers when the opportunity arises.

Thanks Duo!


Just saw this on my Spanish tree this morning, too. Change is hard, but 4 lessons seems short to move on. I’ve been working to get things to level three (with a plan to come back for levels 4-5)), but guess I’ll need to move up to get enough repetition. Feels like grade inflation. :)

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