Font size

The font size for all Arabic words HAS to be bigger. I'm 7 or 8 lessons in and the number of symbols above and below letters is getting to be significant, but you can't tell them apart without being zoomed in 150-200% (in which case the rest of the interface is hard to use).

August 31, 2019


Yes! I was about to post exactly the same thing.

But I have an Arab friend and he says that this is a problem across the whole of the internet so it's not just a Duolingo thing. (Although I am sure Duolingo can do much better)

There is a browser extension called Wudooh. This extension can enlarge the arabic script without enlarging the whole website.

It's nice to know Thank you. But it would still be nice that duolingo fix it too, because the problem is the same on ipad.

This solved my problem. Thanks!

You're right. Other users have already said the same thing and I totally agree.

I approuve, it would really help!

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