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Does support reply to tickets that do not contain a question?

I've been reporting a few bugs through the Support link on the left of the page recently. None of them were language-related but all stuff on the page. None of the tickets I created contained an actual question that would merit a direct reply. However, I have not figured out if there is a way to look at the ticket and see if they actually accepted it. I've not found a dev blog or release notes or something.

Does the support ever give feedback about this stuff?

June 17, 2014



I have left four questions with comments on the "Support" tab on the left of the screen. i have received no answers. i need to be moved up way beyond the level i have been assigned to, and i am bored and about to give up


You can just skip skills by scrolling down in the tree and doing the tests that say "test out of x skills".


Oh, I don't think the support tab was intended for general Q That is what the discussion board is for. ^_^ Yes, you can test out of skills if your knowledge is more advanced than where you are on the tree. There is also the placement test right when you add a course.

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