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  5. "They have dived"

"They have dived"

Translation:Wamepiga mbizi

August 31, 2019



please enlighten me when do we use wame- compared to wali- i have not found literature on this. thx in advance


Nilikula: I ate. Nimekula: I have eaten. Walitembea: They walked. Wametembea: They have walked.

This is explained in the tips for one of the previous skills. If you don't already, I recommend looking at the tips for each skill (found on the duo website not in the app) because they often provide useful information about grammar, usage, etc.


Thank you. I didn't know there were notes for each lesson and I think its a bit poor not to have them on the app but there are bigger bugs to sort. I'll look them up and crack on from there. Thanks again.


Thank you for not putting dove. 31052020

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