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"Are you a Moroccan engineer, Samia?"

Translation:هَل أَنْتِ مُهَنْدِسة مَغْرِبِيّة يا سامْية؟

August 31, 2019



I apologize if this has already been covered, but I was wondering why "Moroccan" is مَغْرِبِيّة and found a discussion: https://www.quora.com/Why-is-Morocco-called-Morocco In the case of this sentence, of course, it's a gentilic of the country's name. It's connected to the word for "west" apparently, غرب, related to west Semitic ערב / מערב

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Maghrib in Arabic because it's the western most place that Arabs reached.
Morocco was adapted in most European languages in a time when Murrákish (also Marrákish) مراكش was the capital of the state. In Turkish, the country is still called Fez (which is also the name of the head ware) from a time when the capital of the state was Fez فاس (Fás).


Can I do without the Hal?

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In proper Arabic, No.

In dialects and everyday speech between people here, yeah... the tone of the speech indicates it is a question usually.

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