"Corinna, ubi sunt duo fratres tui?"

Translation:Corinna, where are your two brothers?

August 31, 2019



"Two your brothers" or "your two brothers"? The second sounds awkward to me for some reason (though I'm not an English native), but the first one is marked incorrect

August 31, 2019


Only the second is correct. The possessive adjective will come before any other adjectives or quantifiers. The only way to have two first would be with a preposition "two/both of your brothers."

August 31, 2019


for me as another non native, the first one seems weird. You could say "two of your brothers", but that would change the meaning. It would imply that there are more than two, but here I would suggest that Corinna has only two brothers. The second one is right.

August 31, 2019


"Two your brothers" would never be used, and "your two brothers" would be used 99.9999% of the time. "Your brothers two" can used in poetic contexts, but even there it sounds extremely old-fashioned.

August 31, 2019


I was flagged wrong for spelling "Corinna" as "Corrina", should this be corrected?

September 7, 2019


The lip smack at the start of the audio. D:

September 12, 2019
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