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Last Practiced and Strength - I think there is a problem


I have been looking at my Words page for the past week and there are words I've used multiple times this week that do not strengthen and do not show up as being practiced, such as: tienen, tienes, tengo, camina, año, and semana.

Is there something wrong with the way it is recording 'last practiced' and word strength or is there something else that I failed to grasp?

June 17, 2014



I agree this should be viewed as a bug. Even if some of the words in a sentence are not the "focus" of a practice, they are still getting practiced . . . (and if I type them wrong it will be counted as wrong) . . . so if I see them and get them correct it should count as "practiced".

So while I'm THRILLED that the Vocabulary/Words tab is back, I look forward to refinements that will make it more useful. Right now both the "Last Practiced" column and the "Strength" column seem useless. I do like being able to see the words all in one place. I scan the list (sorted in a variety of ways) and then hover over the words I don't remember to see what they mean. I also like that when I hover, many different meanings appear . . . more than in regular practice.

So, a good start, but room for improvement.


DL doesn't always count all the words in a sentence towards the 'Words' tab.
Your weak word may be 'bebés'. DL may pick the sentence, "No, no tengo bebés". Since bebés is the focus of that sentence, it may (but not necessarily) be the only word strengthened.
I've had better success going to the skill that contains that word in order to get it to strengthen, but it really isn't necessary. Especially for words like tener that you probably have more than memorized by now!


I completely agree, I also have been redoing my tree from the beginning. I don't go forward unless I have full hearts. I have redone words and checked my wordlist. They are still last practiced 8 months ago. These are words that were being taught in the lesson, not words that happened to be used in the lesson. I find this a problem as duo has me strengthening words that are/should be full strength AND there are other words that actually haven't been done for a long time that are neglected. I am using a computer as opposed to my phone. It makes a difference. I also notice that there is a difference between my phone and my computer. It seems if I use both I end up potentially missing words. One has 11 lessons and the other might have 10 lessons in a unit. I hope this gets resolved.

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