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How's the pronunciation of V in latin? Like a W or the Spanish, Italian and English V pronunciation?

I'm new to Latin and I'd like to know what's the correct pronunciation of the letter V. For example, should I pronounce the word Vir as "wir" or "vir"?

August 31, 2019



Always as 'w'.

Or think of it as a short u-sound. Like the Romans did. They didn't even have separate letters for u and v.

'Uvula' for instance, would, in typical upper-case inscription style be written as



Isn't that like saying that "the English always pronounce the k in knight"? They did, but they don't anymore, do they?

If the course is teaching Latin from a certain time period, shouldn't Marcus be spelt Marcvs?


It does depend on preference. Later Latin, or even Latin that sounded rustic to Cicero, would have used a "v" sound. So it depends really, how you want to sound, and quite a lot of continental Europeans who otherwise use the classical system use "v", not least because "w" is harder if you are German, Dutch, Italian, French or Spanish …


It's just an approximation, but I often picture it like in the French oui.


In Church Latin? /v/. In classical pronunciation? /w/.

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