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  5. "क्या मैं बोल सकती हूँ?"

"क्या मैं बोल सकती हूँ?"

Translation:Can I speak?

August 31, 2019



Can this sentence be translated as "May I speak"? Or is it literally asking "Am I able to speak"?


it can be understood as both. But if u want to translate those in hindi specifically with distiction, there IS an option.


Do you happen to know how to say those sentences with a distinction between them, as you mentioned?


To expressely denote asking for permission, you can use "do I have permission to speak" by way of saying "kya mujhe bolne ki ijazad hai?"


But इजाज़द is an Urdu word and would be more apt to say, अनुमती . But these days, इजाज़द is more widely used in common language and the use of अनुमती is reduced to only formal use.

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