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"Mustelae et mures in villa currunt."

Translation:The weasels and the mice run in the house.

August 31, 2019



Villa: a house in the country, ergo a villa or a country house , no?

Not sure why, but Duolingo won't accept the translation "country house" for villa.


why is it that, up to this point, duolingo has translated villa as villa. Now, all of a sudden, it requires house? I would prefer to use house, but put villa because of the previous requirement. Arrrgh!!


"Villa" is accepted as of Feb 12, 2020.


Do they accept "country house" yet? ( = the translation of villa )

A house in a town or city is a different word: domus, -us, f.


Villa in the word bank is not translated to house.


Report it with "the hint over are missing or wrong".


Does "in the house" in this context mean to run into the house, or to run around in the house whilst already there?


The prep. in + ablative villa means "run around in the house whilst already there," because in + ablative gives a LOCATION ("in" or "on").

We'd have prep. in + accusative villam for "run into the house" (from outside).

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