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"Marcus contubernales mane excitat."

Translation:Marcus wakes up the comrades early.

August 31, 2019



"Marcus wakes up the comrades early." was marked as wrong.


No word indicates "his". "Suos" needs to be addes


Many languages use the possessives much less then English. Our Czech course does the same as the Latin course here. The "suos" is implicit.


Latin is not Czech. Why is "his" implied here and not elsewhere?

Even if it is implicit, a translation without "his" should still be accepted, but it is not.


It was implicit also elsewhere, in many other sentences. Possessive being implicit in Latin seems common.
Romance languages tends to be more implicit regarding pronouns than English (not only subject-pronouns, but also possessive).

See here: https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/verres-et-comites-more-graeco-bibebant.798726/

From this page:
"It's implicit. Possessive pronouns are only used emphatically : suus = one's own."

(I think they are also used when there's a possible ambiguity)


It could very well be a bunch of mates that he doesn’t know. Example: Marcus was travelling from Rome. On the evening of his first day of travel, he came upon a group of men and they agreed to come together. Markus doesn’t have much food with him, so they will share his food with him if he stays up during the night keeping watch, and wakes them up early in the morning, as they have to get going quickly. They are tentbuddies from the army, and not his own buddies. Marcus wakes the comrades up in the morning.

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The audio said "Marcus contub" and then stopped. Several times. Please check it! I finally got it to say the whole sentence.


Why can't I use 'in the morning' for mane?


Early is an adverb and can be placed in other positions in the sentence and the sentence still has the same meaning.


Audio took my answer containing "contubernalis" without a hiccup. It should have corrected for "contubernales".


I omitted the "up". Marcus wakes the comrades early. It was marked wrong. Reported.


How could i know that the adverb "early" is about The contubernales and not Marcus?


Adverbs modify verbs, not nouns.


Correct answer marked wrong


What was your answer, and why do you believe it was correct? If you want the problem fixed, you'll have to be more specific about what the issue was.

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