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"George is an amazing American professor."

Translation:جورْج أُسْتاذ أَمْريكِيّ مُمْتاز.

August 31, 2019



Why is wrong: جورْج أُسْتاذ مُمْتاز أَمْريكيّ


the order of adjectives plays a role here. Typically in English (and Arabic as well) the adjective which attaches to the noun directly is the most relevant. Away from Arabic, consider this in English:

  • Amazing (American doctor).
  • American (Amazing doctor).

The first one, means an amazing doctor from a set of American doctors. The second one means an American doctor from a set of amazing doctors.

Same concept is applied in Arabic, but because of the nature of Arabic, adjectives come after the noun and not before it. So, we can say that the order of adjectives in English is reversed in Arabic. In the above example, in the English sentence we say amazing american professor but in Arabic we would say professor/american/amazing


Thanks, very clear.

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