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Is, Ea, Id vs Ille, Illa, Illud

As taken from the Oxford Latin Dictionary

Is, Ea, Id (as pron.) (ref. back to a person or thing previously mentioned or implied) He, she, it. (neut.) that fact, event, action, statement, etc. (used instead of refl. pron.).

Ille, Illa, Illud (as pron.) That (pointed out by the speaker) person or thing.

While there are more general uses of Ille, including he/she/it. It's mostly used emphatically, according to the OLD. So can we please either correct this, or accept Is, Ea, Id.

August 31, 2019



The course is in beta. Please report with the Report Button to help add those missing translations.


Don't forget that ille/illa/illud can also translate simply to 'the'! So you can also try putting in those translations where you find them. :)

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.

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