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"Your rice is very good, Omar."

Translation:رُزَّك طَيِّب جِدّاً يا عُمَر.

August 31, 2019



I have three comments about this disastrous sentence

First: the begging word used, "رُزَّك", misses an 'alif-with-hamza' 'أ', and even if we ignore it in the common tongue, we cannot ignore the second mistake.

Second: within the same word "رُزَّ", the final letter should've been in the form "zzu",
i.e., "أرزُّك" or "2aruzzuk". Note that following the second correction is obligatory.

Thirdly: and this one repeats a lot.
The use of the "fathatan" or the "mafotuh" tanween in the word "jeddan" "جدًا", or in any singular Arabic word alike, must precede the final 'alif', like this 'ـــًا', not to put the tanween symbol above the 'alif'.
So, in this case, where a shaddah " ّ " is used, the Tanween must be above the shaddah, like this ' ــًّـا '.
Only in the case of entwined "ta2", تاء مربوطة or 'ة', we do not use the final 'alif' and also the tanween is on the final letter.

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Rice: رُز (ruz)

Cedar: أرز (arz)


I said أُرز (urz) or أَرُز (aaruz) not أَرْز (arz)

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Agree. رز is a dialectical word


What do you mean by "begging word"?


أَرُزُّكَ طيّبٌ جداً يا عمرُ.

هذه الكلمة أرُزٌّ ليست عربية. يقولون العرب: أرُزٌّ. وفي اللهجات يقولون : رُزٌّ.

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