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"Post quintam horam Stephanus cibum coquit."

Translation:After the fifth hour Stephanus cooks the food.

August 31, 2019



"Quintam horam" looks to be accusative here, based on the form. Is that what's going on here, even though it's not on the receiving end of a verb?


Post is a preposition. Prepositions take objects in the accusative or ablative. Post always takes an accusative.


“After fifth hour Stephanus cooks food” There have been a few instances in this section of answers requiring the definite article and I can’t work out why. (reported)

[deactivated user]

    I think you need the article (no pun intended!) for "the fifth hour", but not necessarily for "cooks the food"


    After the fifth hour...

    You need the the.


    Evidently, but why? There isn’t a direct equivalent since we don’t divide time the same way yet in English we do say “after four”, “after midnight” and so on. (Thanks for answering, the discussions are one of the best features of this course, which I’m loving)


    But we do use this. I'm a teacher and after the fourth hour, I need another cup of coffee :)

    We use the definite article with ordinal numbers in English. It's the fifth book on the left.


    Ah! Now it makes sense, I didn’t think of it that way the first time.


    i find the new female speaker to be hard to understand. Is she using a different pronunciation than the others?

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