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  5. "هُناك قَلَم ثَقيل."

"هُناك قَلَم ثَقيل."

Translation:There is a heavy pen.

August 31, 2019



Someone really needs to hit the gym.


How can قَلَم be suggested as pencil, but if I write pencil instead of pen the sentence is wrong?


Apparently that gloss is wrong. You need to add an adjective to pen to make it pencil in Arabic according to other sentence discussions I read in other sentence discussions.


Think of it like this: in Arabic the word "pencil" is "lead pen".

Jimmy Page would love that.


heavy pen???? what do you mean!


Why can't a pen be heavy? What if it the outer cylinder was thick solid brass? My husband and I have the thick metal capital one visa cards. Everytime I handed it to a store clerk overseas (sometimes they say it here too), they would exclaim, "wow, this is heavy". If a credit card can be heavy why not a pen? Someone would just mean it is heavier than what they are accustomed to for that class of object. Haven't you ever picked up a heavy baby? I have. I've had parents say their baby is heavy before handing them to me. Does it mean that the baby is heavy relative to a car or a stack of gold? No. It means they are heavy relative to an average baby.

Seriously, why are people constantly nitpicking every other sentence here?


I wouldn't call it nitpicking at all. I often learn very useful language tips from what you seem to regard as nitpicking. Many of us hold words and grammatical patterns in all languages in high esteem, and we like to share questions, thoughts and even humor as an active part of our learning while enhancing our admiration for the world of language.


I happen to have an unexplainable admiration for Arabic since I first ever heard it spoken and saw it written. The explanation must be karmic. I can't speak Arabic yet. Without making conversational Arabic a goal, I just plod along trying to learn. I always admire it and derive artistic pleasure out of reading, pronouncing and forming the letters on paper. Each Arabic letter, like a precious mineral gem, ignites a response of delight in me which never becomes trite or stale. Each Arabic letter is like a musical composition in itself.


In Arabic, does "heavy pen" mean that it weighs a lot, or that it writes a broad stroke?


There's a heavy pen = There is a heavy pen. The former is rejected by DL .


So hit the report button and select "my answer should be accepted." That is the best way to get it added.


mightier than the sword, i guess it can be heavy too


can someone identify the first letter in the word for heavy?


3afwan = عفواً

Means 'you are welcome' in Arabic.


How would one say "This is a heavy pen"? Meaning, this particular pen is heavy.


I think هذا القلم ثقيل


What you wrote means "This pen is heavy," because you inserted the definite article before "pen". To write "This is a heavy pen", you need to leave out the def. article and write, هذا قام ثقيل


How would one say "This is the heavy pen"?


هذا هو القلم الثقيل.


After reflecting again, هو is not mandatory but rather for emphasis. To collect it:

This is a heavy pen. هذا قلم ثقيل

This pen is heavy. هذا القلم ثقيل

This is the heavy pen. هذا القلم الثقيل

THIS is the heavy pen. هذا هو القلم الثقيل


This heavy pen is red: هذا القلم الثقيل أحمر


I don't know! I've been wondering the same. Thinking that it will be revealed in the course, I'm motivated to keep going!


My answer is identical to the red correction text. This has happened three times


Flag sign instead of chat sign and sign there that your answer should be accepted.


I am stuck and want to proceed ahead. Can't because my answer which is CORRECT isn't recognized


even in yr traduction you put pencil or pen my answer is correct then


I wrote pencil instead, how do i identify whether "qalam" is a pen or pencil!!!!!!


How do we pronounce heaavy in arabic??? It's shakeel or phakeel ?


The sound of ث is equivalent to 'th' sound in English as in "think". So heavy is pronounced "thakeel" in arabic.


Pencil and pen.... Is the f.... Same


A pen writes with ink.

A pencil writes with graphite.

Sometimes, you use ‘pen’ to refer to either ‘pen’ or ‘pencil’ but still, there are pens which are not pencils.

So, no, they are not the same.


قلم رصاص is pencil

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