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"What is California? California is an American state."

Translation:Quid est California? California est civitas Americana.

August 31, 2019



Why not California civitas Americana est? Word order changes all the time, makes no sense


Your answer is also correct. Verb at the end of the sentence is preferred in Latin. Word order in any order still means the same thing.


just report it, the creators will add it. Commenting is useless.


Problem with that is that clicking the report button only gives alternatives that are irrelevant to this problem, which is pervasive in the whole course. If we have no other means to report it than to comment what do we do?


On another discussion page, the suggestion was to vote down the "correct" answer on that page, to show that something was wrong there. I'm not sure it would be noticed if it's really that pervasive, but we can try.


I put "civitas Americanus" and I got it wrong. The endings are tricky in Latin. No wonder Rome fell.


Your answer "civitas americanus" is grammatically incorrect. Civitas is femine gender: americanus is masculine gender. Civitas americana is correct. Civitas and americana are both femine.


thank you. is the "as" ending always feminine?


You are welcome. Most nouns ending in "as" are femine. But there is an exception, e.g. the word "vas, vasis, n.; plur. vasa, vasorum, a vessel. Vas is neuter gender. The following words are example: words ending in "as are femine: caritas, atis, f. dearness. veritas, atis, f. truth. libertas, atis, f. freedom.


Rome is the Catholic Church. It didn't fall, just took a story line and converted followers into an ideology.


"Quid California est?" should be fine too, right? (Reported, but am not 100% sure.)


I wondered this too, I put the same and it was marked wrong but not 100% sure.


It should be fine since it means the same thing. Word order doesn't always matter in Latin.


I think we need to check the whole of our sentence very carefully before commenting. On this one I had put the verb at the end and it was marked wrong. However on further scrutiny I realised I had made another error. Next time verb at end was accepted


I cannot get my head around the difference between Americana and Americanus and when to use which one?


"Americana" is feminine - it's correct here because "civitas" is a feminine noun. "Americanus" would be a correct way to describe a masculine noun, such as "puer".

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Where is it, exactly? I'll get my trireme ready in the meantime!


Why not Quid estne Calif? I thought estne was for questions.


Adding the suffix ne onto a verb for a question is only for yes/no questions.


I knew they used cívitás and not próvincia for their base sentences, but I still find it somewhat shocking that it's not currently a possible answer when translating this sentence into Latin.


Quid est California? California est cívitás Americána.


I had the correct answer but then i changed it because Quid was not Capitalized, was there a reason for this?


Is it necessary for the question word to be first in a sentence? Is it fixed unlike the other types of words?


California quid est? .. marked wrong??


Is the est required in this context? Is there a nominative absolute in addition to an ablative?


¿California Americana civitas est? or California Americana civitas est?


According to what I had learnt many years ago in Latin and reading the comments, my correct answer was marked as incorrect. I am grateful for the comments, just to make sure that I am relearning correct Latin. It would be good if Duo would revise the Latin course better sooner than later.


These people should contract a Finnish speaker to do these words with r. It is with that r, not English speaker's r.


Ok. I am putting it here, but it can go anywhere. In Latin "c" is spelled like in e.g. "car" before "a", "o" and "u" and all consonants. Before "i" and "e" however it is spelled "ts": so civitas is "tsiveetas" NOT "qiveetas". Please change that. It gets annoying after every time I hear it



There are many, many ways to pronounce Latin.

The pronunciation taught here is the "restituted" one and "c" is always pronounced "k" in this pronunciation, no matter what vowel follows it. It is therefore not a mistake.


My answer is correct!


What's the difference between quid and quis?


Quid = what, Quis = who


I typed California civitas Americana est and it was accepted.

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