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I understood!!

This is a story about my first interaction with a German speaker(s), and how it motivated me.

I was at my community pool, and there was this elderly couple sitting in the pool. I wasn't really paying attention to them, until I heard the word "treppen", German for stairs. I started listening and realized they were speaking in German!

I have been learning German on duolingo for a couple months, and hadn't yet had the chance to put my skills into practice. Long story short, the couple was getting out of the pool, and the lady kept slipping on the underwater stairs. They had this whole conversation about the pool and how tricky the underwater stairs where on old people. I was shocked that I understood the gist of what they were saying!

It was so motivating to see that all my hard work on learning a language was paying off. I could mostly understand a basic conversation in German! Sadly, the couple left the pool before I was able to talk to them. However, this has really encouraged me on my Duolingo journey. I feel re-energized to learn even more German!

So if your out there and you are losing your motivation for learning, I want to encourage you by saying that your hard work will pay off eventually. I believe that if anyone tries hard enough, they can master a language. You can learn anything you put your mind to.

Edit: Wow thanks for all the support!

August 31, 2019



Toll!! Du kannst stolz auf dich sein. Viel Erfolg beim Weiterlernen :)


Awesome! Just keep on eavesdropping German tourists haha (:




Very good work, you take a good direction to be more fluent in this what is you desire


Ich freue mich für dich, dass dir die deutsche ( und auch zugleich österreichische) Sprache gefällt. Ich mache es genau umgekeht wie du. Ich versuche die englische Sprache besser zu lernen, damit ich im Ausland bei meinen Fußballreisen besser mit den Fans reden und diskudieren kann. ich hoffe du kannst die Sätze übersetzen.


Danke! Viel glück mit Englisch!


Love this story! You should've seen the look on my face when I finally started to understand German Grammar. Keep up the good work!


That is EXCELLENT that you were able to understand a conversation in German between two other people! To me that suggests that if someone was talking directly to you you would understand even more!

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