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  5. "Suntne filiae tuae Romae?"

"Suntne filiae tuae Romae?"

Translation:Are your daughters in Rome?

August 31, 2019



How would you write "Are your daughters Roman?" ?


"Suntne filiae tuae Romana? " I'd guess


My ears hear an errant vowel between tuae and Romae: didn't sound like Romae as a consequence


What would be 'Aren't your daughters in Rome?'


Perhaps it is like this: Aren´t your daughters in Rome?=> 1.) Your daughters are in Rome, aren´t they? (Nonne filiae tuae Romae sunt?) -> the answer is "yes" 2)Your daughters aren´t in Rome, are they? (Num filiae tuae Romae sunt?) -> the answer is "no" English is not my "sermo patrius";), that´s why I´m not quite sure what you mean, when you ask 'Aren't your daughters in Rome?'. If what you want to expres is, that you thought they were in Rome and want to know whether they still are there or not, then your question is similar with the question 1) (Your daughters are in Rome, aren´t they?) which should be: "Nonne filiae tuae Romae sunt?" in latin. It seems to me , that is still not the exact same question, but it comes near to what you are asking (which is some kind of confirmation, so you expect a positive answer).. Somehow the english question "Aren't your daughters in Rome?" sounds to me as if someone thought the daughters were at Rome and is now surprised to hear differently. So the answer one is looking for is not so much a simple confirmation ("yes") of what he already knows but an explanation of why the daughters are no longer o never were in Rome. But I really don´t know, at least no yet, how to expres this level of complexity in Latin. I will keep my eyes open for a better translation. But I loved your question! Thank you for it :)

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