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  5. "There are many books."

"There are many books."

Translation:Multi libri sunt.

August 31, 2019



For the meaning "there are", they should put the verb at the beginning. Is this introduced later on?


When "sum, esse, fui, futurum" indicates the existence of something (i.e. "There are") it should come at the start of the sentence.


Have you got a link with this rule, please?


But I don't say it's wrong. I read it a lot on the forum, and it seems to make sense, but I never seen that explained and proved somewhere.

I just have a curious mind, and I need to check everything in order to believe, like St Thomas.


According to Wikipedia, the verb 'to be' is usually placed initially when used to indicate existence. But this is not a hard rule. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latin_word_order


Duo just told me i had a typo of libro.... And said it's libri... I'm confused what's the difference of libro,libros and libri. Kindly help


If I'm understanding Latin correctly, "libro" would be ablative singular. "Books" in this sentence is plural & is the subject, which means it would need to be in nominative plural, which is "libri". "Libros" is accusative plural, which is used when "books" (pl) is the direct object (i.e., something is being done to it, as in "I read books").

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