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"To where are you making a journey?"

Translation:Quo iter facitis?

August 31, 2019



That's what I typed, Quo iter facitis?, but it was marked wrong: shouk have been Quo vos iter facitis?

Both should be accepted. Reported. Thanks


I'm a native (USA) English speaker and can't recall ever hearing anyone in my life say, "making a journey." Is this European?


It does feel more like something a character in an Anthony Trollope novel would say, doesn't it? :°}

Just my humble opinion, but I think at this early stage of our learning of Latin, we have to endure some tortured English translations, from which we recoil but which are more in alignment with Latin syntax.


Yes, we'd be as likely to say this as 'we're taking a journey' in the UK.


Unde should be accepted


You mean "from where are you making a journey?"


The right answer should be Quo iter facitis as it is in the plurals level, but the correct answer shown reads Quo iter facis in singular. Yet here in the comments area it is shown the right answer: Quo iter facitis?


There are 2 right answers, you plural and you singular. (units are not rigid)


They missed a chance to put "Quo vadis?" In an excercise


2021-01-14/ Reported: "Unde iter facis/facitis" are answers that should be accepted.

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