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"Marcus speaks German in the nearest library."

Translation:Marcus in bibliotheca proxima Germanice loquitur.

September 1, 2019



Is "loquitur" an irregular verb?


No but it's a deponent verb. :)


"Marcus Germanice in bibliotheca proxima loquitur." was marked as incorrect. Word order isn't near as strict in Latin as it is in most modern Germanic and Romance languages.


It was marked correct now.


Marked as incorrect: "Germanice in bibliotheca proxima Marcus loquitur." Is that true?


how would one say the library is near my house? does "proxima" mean nearest and also near or nearby ?


I would say it's the preposition apud: "Bibliotheca apud casam meam est."


I am not positive in Latin, but in Italian prossimo/a (from proxima) means "next" or "the next". The word vicino/a in Italian means "nearby". For example, la prossima fermata means "the next stop" when you are on a train or bus, but la fermata dell'autobus è vicina means "the bus stop is near/nearby". So, based on this alone my GUESS would be it refers specifically to "the closest/nearest" library. However, I have already discovered many "false friends" between Latin and Italian, so I might be wrong in my assumption.

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