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  5. "Atrium in villa est."

"Atrium in villa est."

Translation:There is an atrium in the house.

September 1, 2019



In a common type of ancient southern Italian house, it was the central room into which the main entrance led, serving as a reception room, and off of which were other rooms such as bedrooms, office, dining room. It had a rectangular opening in the roof through which rainwater fell into the rectangular pool in the middle of the floor.

In modern American parlance, it's a large central open space, often several stories tall, in a hotel or shopping mall complex.


"The atrium is in the villa." was marked as incorrect. Either translation into English would be correct.


And we should also be able to call the "villa" the "country house," since there's a different word for the house in a city.


thats exactly what i put. sometimes errors of duo combined with my typos ir foolish autocorrects (e.g. ,"or" corrected to "ir") make me fail a test.


Is it my ears, because I hear "aprium" and not "atrium"?


I think they are! I can tell it's a "t" sound, at least


"The atrium is in the house" should be accepted. In fact I'm not sure "There is" is even implied here.

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