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I finished Lvl 1 latin

Salvete! I finished Latin lvl 1 - only the first skill is lvl 5 and it is also the only skill above lvl 1. I waited many months for this course to come out as I thought that this will be a great time to learn a classical language and that latin would go through a revival of sorts. I can into this course with the intention of being able to get a solid foundation in reading and writing latin. I would like to thank all the contributors to this wonderful course for going out of their way to make this course and doing it for the passion they all commonly share/doing it for one common goal. I am now going to rank all of my skills up to level 5, that'll take lots of work, but I'm prepared to do the work so my latin reading and writing can improve. I will also continue when the next set of skills come out!

Thanks for everything!

P.S This is the first skill tree I've completed P.S.S I feel kind of silly that I didn't read many of the info sheets of each skill - I kind of guessed some of the conjugations until I became familiar with them.

September 1, 2019



Well done! Though levelling each skill up to a level 5 will take a long time, it’ll be worth it in the end. I don’t read the info sheets for the language either!


Thanks so much for your kind words - have a lingot!


I wonder why you don't have the Latin banner after your username. Did you delete the course after finishing it? I was curious to see what level one achieves just going through the tree. And btw, congratulations!


I doesn't seem to show half of my courses such as hebrew etc. But I've checked again and it's now showing on my end, so idk :/ and thanks for your kind words - have a lingot!

Edit: I am Level 8 on the Duolingo Latin Course, it was also the lvl I finish the course, the first skill was lvl 5 and the rest were lvl 1.

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