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  5. "The boy builds cities."

"The boy builds cities."

Translation:Puer urbes condit.

September 1, 2019



Other verb suggestions are construit and facit, but there are subtle differences between these three words.

Condit = founds

Construit = builds

Facit = makes

I don't think one boy literally 'builds' whole cities, it is more likely that the sentence means that he founds/establishes them. Facit is not precise enough for this, and thus 'condit' is the most specific correct verb.


that's an interesting and cool way of thinking about it - thank you!

tbh im not really sure that it makes any more sense to imagine a boy founding cities either - precocious! :-) i was more thinking that a kid would be more likely to be constructing eg model cities or play cities or something, though really i suspect we're both overthinking it trying to rationalise a poorly-chosen example,!


If you consider pharaohs and kings could be kids at the time, it was possible.

Louis XIV of France was only 16 when he was crowned (of course, there were regents), and Tutânkhamon was pharaoh at the age of 6 or 9.


He's playing minecraft.


He is playing Caesar 3. :-)


An architect at such a young age


What an accomplished young lad, when I was a boy I could barely construct a sand castle!


Ab Urbe condita = 753 B.C.


Although grammatically correct, what does it mean that a boy builds cities? How does a boy builds cities? With clay or Lego? A more precise example should be something like 'The Architect build cities'.


I think it just has do with the content. It doesn't have to be the best sentence, it just has to be learning content.


Alexander Magnus puero nomen est


'Condit' literally means 'founds', so the sentence says that he establishes cities, not that he actually builds them.


"Urbes construit puer" was not accepted. I did not put urbes at the beginning to emphasize it really, it just happened, and since I was doing timed practice, I just finished the sentence. I didn't have time to report it, but my sentence is okay, isn't it? I wonder if they accept "Puer urbes construit?"


Puer urbes construit should also be a correct answer.

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