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Tedious lessons

Sorry about this. I had to take a break and vent my frustration. I am in the fourth set of of the clothing cycle and so far, there is little new vocabulary. Apparently, one (man or woman) dresses up all in a skirt, a T-shirt, a scarf, a blouse, a coat and a hat and those come in terrible color combinations. At some point the exercises are too repetitive and become really boring and the situations are not relatable, as I would probably not bother to tell Seth that his blue and brown hat looks good on him. The same words are repeated ad nauseam and sometimes whole sentences as well. I notice I start making mistakes just because I hurry through it and my mind is on vacation. The lesson is not engaging any more and becomes a chore and even a waste of time. Hence I slowed down and started some handwriting exercises on my own rather than keep clicking and typing the same words till my fingers are numb. Why not use more words and grammar from previous lessons in order to keep the student awake and keep those words in memory? What would be wrong with " Is your scarf not from a Scottish university, Bob? My coat is in your house, Samia. The cat is brown and white and my neighbour does not have a "pretty" dog? Thanks.

September 1, 2019


[deactivated user]

    I second this.More variety in the offered material as you repeat your levels will prevent the course from getting on your nerves and you eventually losing interest.I myself have switched between courses several times already for this very reason.Also, please consider improving the audio, since people rely on what is being offered by you.If Duolingo doesn't know, then we are being informed and taught wrong from the start.Thank you


    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I too have noted that there were audio glitches which I learned to ignore, such as "babal" for "baDal" and "Do-it" for "Duut". While some folks would need all these repetitions, others (especially those who have already learned other languages) feel like they're in the wrong grade and make less and less effort because it's excruciating.


    I am glad that they published the course; I have already learned a lot.

    Yes, some more variation would be nice, and I expect more material to be added in future versions of the tree. As I understand it, the point currently just is to see whether the course works at all, and to get feedback for improvements.

    When I feel bored by repetition, I use the key symbol to test out of a skill level. This works quite well for me.


    Thanks, Heike! That was it. I hope George reads this post again.


    I'm glad that I was able to help. :-)

    Even though I'm definitely a fan of repetition in the case of Arabic, even I have tested out here and there, in the cases where I was absolutely sure I would be able to decipher the characters even while half-asleep. ;-)


    I've just discovered the quizzes! You can skip levels if you can pass the quiz. It saves a lot of monotony if you already know the material.


    He-e-e-y! THAT's an idea! Thanks for your input!


    Yeah. They are under the key sign on each module (on a computer. I've no idea what the mobile app looks like). I always thought that symbol would lead to a list of key words used in the module but it's actually quizzes. You probably already know this but I've been using this site for 6 weeks and it's a new discovery for me!


    I notice I start making mistakes just because I hurry through it and my mind is on vacation

    That might be the sign you have only reached stage 3 on the stages of competence and can actually benefit from more practice.

    So maybe instead of checking out these exercises you can just make them a bit more challenging by doing them quickly, or by doing them while distracted (for example watching tv or talking with someone). Anything that makes you answer without thinking.


    I respectfully disagree. Maybe I did not express myself well enough? I have no idea what level of competence you may have in teaching, but I have been a language and music teacher as well as bringing up my own children and tutoring others. When no longer challenged, the brightest student can fail because motivation is gone. Anyway, I did the quiz as suggested above and got a perfect score, so now I have moved on. Thanks for your input, though.


    I am becoming bored out of my mind with this website. Over and over again, the same stupid miserable sentences like " she wears interesting dresses '. Gag me


    If you are bored, you can use the key symbol to "test out of" a level.

    I also do several topics simultaneously. Sometimes a little "Travel" at level 4 and a little "Clothes" at level 2, for example.

    This keeps my experience varied & challeging.

    Happy learning!


    Many kind thanks for your input !

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