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What to do when you finish the Latin tree …

Many of you will remember the course developed by CarpeLanam in Duolingo style, which she posted in these forums


The course is about 100 lessons now, covering nearly everything except the subjunctive and complex sentences.

It has since been moved to Wikiversity:


where we have been adding some audio and links to Wiktionary for all of the new vocab in each lesson.

Her course has the sentences and words for practice on Memrise, to give a similar experience to that offered here:



So when you've finished the new Duolingo course, and if you want to carry on in a similar way, this should be a good option for you.

Hope that helps!

September 1, 2019


[deactivated user]

    Thank you! It looks great!

    I'd also like to recommend textkit.com ,which is a free platform for Latin and Ancient Greek learners. Pdfs of public domain courses (which are still up to day, thanks to Latin being a dead language ;-) and many are great), a high quality forum, suggested texts to read.

    https://youtu.be/61Kk7VkoWbc here is a great video with a reliable pathway to very good Latin skills (with info you can apply to other languages too!), but recommending both free and paid resources.


    These are great. I watched that video a long while back, and it's particularly relevant to where I am right now so thanks!


    Dang, textkit looks dope! Have a lingot! I'm downloading all those PDFs.


    Get Lingua Latina per se Illustrata and start studying for realz.



    Personally, Lingua Latīna per sē illūstrāta is one of the major tools I use. It is a brilliant way to practice reading and really embed the language. It's currently my main text, alongside other supporting books in the series.

    (I've also used the text readings in Cambridge Latin Course, and dipped into other things including the Polis Latin textbook Forum.)

    What is a bit less helpful with each of these as an independent learner - and where CarpeLanam's course helped me - is that it is hard to force yourself to do grammar exercises from textbooks. It's easier with a keyboard and screen somehow.

    The Memrise courses are all about writing out Latin sentences so really helped me a lot. I am sure Duolingo will provide a similar role, giving simple practice of grammar forms.


    I have it on order. I'm very excited to start my next Latin adventure.


    Why wait until you finish the tree? I am doing that Wikiversity course alongside this one.


    Oh, ok thank you, that nearly solves the question I had before.


    If you want to practice with stories, the Cambridge Latin Course has some great short stories in Latin. There is also a dictionary in the resource section at the top right. http://www.cambridgescp.com/clc/webbooks/book1/?p=1



    Gratias tibi ago, Jacobe.


    Thanks for this. Great resource.


    Thank you so much for this, I'll be finished in no time and don't want to lose my momentum! :)


    Culture of Latin Speakers This guys says there are plenty podcasts, chats, meetings)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGDrlpaImCk&t=0s


    For the more intent self learners, pick up Wheelock, 7th edition, workbook and supplemental accompanying book. (In addition to LLPSI) Took me about a year and half to get through. I am here for just raw repetition of the Latin to burn the basic stuff into the unconscious part of my brain.

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