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Will there be more lections added?

Hello everyone, thank you guys for the latin course, I really really love it and i recommended it to all my friends! You have done a very GREAT work for EVERYONE in developing this course! Thank you! So then I have another thing and i also dont want to sound ungrateful or something, but will there be added some new lections in the future or was this the whole course? I just ask because I recently reached the golden owl(?) and it seems very short to me :( I would appreciate if there is someone who can answer my question.

Many thanks and best regards, Bill

September 1, 2019



What Windrammer said. Prev. discussion. See the link in my comment for the "official" word: in the comment by davidvdb, point 5.


Thank you slogger!! :)


You're welcome, ElektroBill. It is a really enjoyable course, even in Beta.

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