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  5. "Patronus noster est optimus."

"Patronus noster est optimus."

Translation:Our patron is the best.

September 1, 2019



Wait... so does Optimus Prime from Transformers name literally translate into "The Best Number One"?

Well, I suppose I can assume that Latin and Cybertronian are two separate languages... though... it being revealed that Cybertronian and Latin seemed to coincidentally be the same language would be hilarious--as it would mean Starscream being able to go all quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur. It would be right up there with Klingons quoting Shakespeare.


Prime is vocative masculine (sing), and Optimus is nominative masculine (sing) so it's weird, it should be Optimus Primus, or Optime Prime, unless "prime" is supposed to be in English.

"Optimus" can also mean "excellent", without superlative.
You should learn Klingon on Duolingo.


He was so famous, and such a great patron, that his name became a noun. (It's called an antonomasia)
It gave the French word "mécène" meaning a sponsor, from the francization of his name.
Mécénat is a sponsorship.


could this also be "He is our best patron" or would that require a pronoun like 'is'?


Not an expert, but I was taught that optimus could also mean great (if perhaps somewhat idiomatically), so should I report "Our patron is great" not being accepted? As of now I have not.


As I understand the thing, they sometimes use the superlative as a normal adjective in Latin. Idiomatically.

Like if you say "It's greater", (but you don't say it's greater than what), just to mean "it's really great". I think the good translation is "really great", rather. (according to my comprehension).


Sounds like Mr.Collins over here in all his obsequiousness towards Lady Catherine de Bourgh


I dont know but in school we learned and translated optimus as meaning 'excellent' so i dont know if it really directly meaning 'the best'. So what does it directly translate to and how many tthings does it mean


I wonder if we could also say "our patron is great", in a more English colloquial sense.


Question first: Why not "Patronus nostrus"?

Now a joke: Kiss-ass detected! And I KNOW it is you, Duo. You fool no one anymore! ;o)

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