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"Puella crustula sub stola celat."

Translation:The girl is hiding cookies under her dress.

September 1, 2019



"her" is extra in relation to Latin phrase, although it might be implicit. The exact wording in Latin correspond better to "The girls is hiding (or hides) cookies under THE dress"


agreed, there is no possessive in the Latin.


hold up, like none? Possessive pronouns specifically I guess?


agreed but it costs me an incorrect. pretium altum.


But if she eats the cookies, hiding will no longer be an option. A moment on the lips, forever on the hips.


This means under a dress or under the dress. It doesn't say under her dress?


"...... sub stola celat". That simply translates as .....hiding cookies under (the) dress. The correct answer is - the girl is hiding cookies under "her" dress... Where is the "her" here ?


How do we know crustula is plural in this context?

How do we know this is "her" dress and not "a" dress or "the" dress?


crustulum is singular crustula is plural irrespective of the context

How do we know this is 'her' dress and not 'a' dress or 'the' dress? : We don't know. If 'a' or 'the' is not accepted maybe you should report. Because strictly speaking it could mean any of the three, although 'her' might be implied.


A morally shocking sentence :)

A few quotes on truth and ethics:

«in vino veritas». The truth is in wine (people will say anything drunk).

«veritas numquam perit». Truth never dies (Seneca).

«qui vitulum tollit, taurum subduxerit idem». He who steals an egg will steal an ox.

«animo furandi». With an intention of stealing (a legal phrase).

«dura lex, sed lex». The law is harsh, but it’s the law.


"He who takes a calf, will lead away a bull"


no word for 'her' in the sentence. the dress could be anywhere--even under the table with the other clothes


The speaker says crustulus.... But is is crustula!... I sent a notice


Yes, he says something and it is definitely not "crustula". I am fed up with these lame pronunciations. Why can't they get non English speakers to do this job? English as a native language creates an oral handicap in most people. I have found very few exceptions.


Now (March 27 2021), the (female) speaker clearly says "crustula".


It clearly sounds like he says "Crustulus" instead of "Crustula" (reported)


Is it a trap? What a so bad pronunciation for crustula!!!


There is a genitive case (e.g. eorum and eius have both been used). My problem is that I said "hides" and the system wanted "is hiding." Both are correct. This kind of thing drives me crazy.


There is a possessive case. Stola puellae is the girl's dress for example. They have only used possessive pronouns, not nouns.


Shouldn't it be "crustulam" (acusative), instead "crustula" (nominative)?


Shouldn't it be "crustulam"


crustulum is neuter. Its plural is crustula.

And neuter words always have the accusative look like the nominative -- in all the Indo-European languages I'm aware of, from Russian to Greek and from Sanskrit to English (where we have "he/him, she/her" but "it=it").

Thus crustula is both neuter plural nominative and neuter plural accusative.


Nominative is crustulum (neuter). The accusative singular is also crustulum. The plural, nominative and accusative, is crustula. Neuter nouns are the same in the nominative and accusative. The -a plural appears in aedificia and carmina.

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