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"اِسْمها رانْيا وَعِنْدها كَلْب صَغير."

Translation:Her name is Rania and she has a small dog.

September 1, 2019



Damn I wrote she has a small heart.


In previous lessons we would sayعند or لیس عند.For example we had"عندجودی کلب Here in this lesson there is ها after عند.Does ها add a special meaning to the sentence or to say عند and عندها is the same?


She has = عندها.


Why is little dog wrong ? Would you say Large dog rather than big dog ?


I think this absolute correspondence between "large" and "small," and "big" and "little" is just a construct of ESL books. Real language is more fluid than what is taught to foreigners sometimes. And you can, as a matter of fact, say "large dog" in the right context. It just sounds a bit euphemistic. That said, you should report it if "little" isn't already accepted.

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