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TinyCards flashcard set in Arabic

For anyone interested, I've made an Arabic flashcard set on the TinyCards app, which follows the Duolingo Arabic-English course. I've also included the phonetic pronunciations of the words, using the same phonetic method as Duolingo. As of the time of this post, I've added 97 words thus far, and am continuing to add more everyday, until all of the words from Duolingo are there. Here is the link to the flashcard set:


Or: search on the app for the user "ggrogin" and click on the set: "Arabic Words: For English speakers"

I hope this helps whoever is interested!

September 1, 2019



Thank you very much! Very good job :-)


I find your cards VERY useful because I give myself exercises in order to memorize writing in Arabic. The cards give me a word in English, for which I will a) recall what it is in Arabic and b) recall how it is written. Then I can compare if I got it right. It is terrific ! I can't thank you enough for your contribution.


I'm so glad that you find it helpful!


Thank's. Good job!


this is amazing. thx so much


Hi there ! I make much use of the Tinycards and can't be thankful enough. They turn into a great exercise. Have you managed to add more words recently? With much anticipating appreciation....


Hi! I'm delighted that you're finding the flashcards useful. Since I have added all of the Arabic words the Duolingo course has to offer, I haven't created anymore words. My assumption is that Duolingo is going to continuously update the course with new content, as they do with other courses. In turn, I will update the Tinycards set accordingly. However, I just might create a new set of words and phrases that aren't Duolingo related. I haven't decided on that quite yet.


Keep up the good work ! I am at the "Weather" level at the moment and hope to find the new vocabulary words soon.


I've made two sets of Arabic flashcards on Tinycards. The "Weather" level is most likely in the 2nd set.


Ggrogin, Thanks for the tiny cards in Arabic. I use them for the other languages that I study . Cheers P.S. Can I use it on my i-phone from the APPS store?


I’m glad that the cards a helpful for you! Tinycards is in the AppStore as well. I do all of my flash card learning from my phone actually. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tinycards-fun-flashcards/id1109425556

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