What are you benifiting from learning a new language?

For me almost any kind of learning has been an addiction and for the past 3 years it has been language learning. I have turned my smartphone into a strong learning device. Duolingo, other language apps other learning apps and podcasts. I get questioned a lot by my friends and relatives including my own wife, what are you benifiting from learning all these languages? it is hard to explain to them but as an Iranian who came to Armenia for work my Russian has been of great use to our new life here in Yerevan. I hope that I can learn Armenian soon and I wish if Duolingo had Armenian course too. Language is sweet it is an addiction for me. The more you learn the bigger pool of language you have in your brain and the easier it gets to learn the next language. my strength is in Indu-Aryan languages with an orphaned semite language of Arabic. My fear is Oriental far East languages and my failure is in Turkeic languages (no roots to Indu-Aryan). I always look for the next easiest language as per my current language list. People don't know about the power of learning languages. For a lot of people knowing 2 is a life goal and learning 4 languages is a dream. In my rather big family (6 siblings) the minimum languages are spoken by my sisters (4) while the average is around 6 languages. And then there is me the crazy addicted language learner who is currently fluent in 7 and improving another 8. The journey is fun and I enjoy riding this tsunami of languages that I have learned. I hope I can reach 20 languages by the time I am 43 in another five years.

Keep learning With Regards Astyag

September 1, 2019


Good luck! ;-)

September 2, 2019

I have benefitted mainly by expanding my experience of the world. Esperanto has allowed me to communicate with people from other parts of the world which are very different from my own, and with people who are sometimes very different from me. I have a much more global perspective than I did before (even though I studied Spanish for many years in school). I feel privileged to be able to hear from people with whom I may otherwise never have the chance to interact (such as you). There was a recent episode in the kern.punkto podkast where they interviewed an Iranian, and it was a profound experience to be able to hear his perspective (especially at a time when our nations are at each other's throats).

Another benefit I always point out is that I have learned more about grammar by studying foreign languages than I ever learned in English classes. I think that using one's native tongue makes it difficult to see the usefulness of the concepts.

I also have gained a lot of respect for foreigners who have learned English as a second language, because even Esperanto takes a lot of work to become sufficiently capable in real face-to-face conversation.

I've also met a lot of great people through Esperanto, and I've only been active in the real world for less than a year (I was an eterna komencanto for several years before).

I'm now starting to venture out into some other languages (Mandarin, German, French, Latin), and I can see how you might become addicted to learning languages.

September 5, 2019
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