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"Er wird dir einen Stuhl anbieten."

Translation:He will offer you a chair.

June 17, 2014



Anbieten means to offer, not to bid. Er wird dir einen Stuhl anbieten means he will OFFER you a chair

[deactivated user]

    And is anbieten really used like this in German?

    • 2011

    Could one use the verb¨ bieten¨ instead of ¨anbieten¨ in this sentence without changing the meaning?


    what is the difference between bieten and anbieten, I couldn't take a reasonable answer from the dicsussion


    "He will bid you a chair" is was wrong. Can anybody help me understand why?


    "Offer" can be used in at least two ways. When you "make an offer" you usually offer some money for something. Same meaning as "bid". But when you say to someone "please take this chair" or whatever you cannot use "bid". But it is an offer.


    Could this sentence also be used in a furniture store, what types of chairs to you have? He will show you the furniture or chairs that we offer.


    Oh come on, "stool" is wrong? It's the friggen cognate!


    Yes, "stool" is wrong.

    Chair - Der Stuhl
    Stool - Der Hocker


    Every time the audio says, "wird", it is pronounced exactly like, "willt," at least to my ears. I can hear no "rd", but the "llt" is obvious. Does anyone else have the same perception?


    Not really: I hear the "wird" quite clearly now. Just in case you're not familiar with the pronunciation, it should definitely sound like a softish "t" ("wirt") on the end. But there should certainly be no "l" sound anywhere in the vicinity!

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