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  5. "You heal the doctor."

"You heal the doctor."

Translation:Tu medicam sanas.

September 1, 2019



Tu should not be needed here


Agreed. It's optional because of the conjugated verb, so we know WHO is doing what to whom.


So basically, the 'Tu' is the WHO in the sentence... Well now everything start to makes sense!

[deactivated user]

    Another correct translation is "Medicum sanatis"


    Sanatis = you (plural) heal.
    Sanas = you (sing.) heal.

    [deactivated user]

      I know, sorry, my latin is a lot better than my english :P

      instead I wanted to point out that both "medicum" and "medicam" are accepted as correct because "you" is the same in english for tu et vos and also "doctor" has no gender like teacher (magister/magistra) or student (discipulus/discipula)

      "medicus" nominative > "medicum" accusative > male doctor "medica" nominative > "medicam" accusative > female doctor

      so all the possibile variants are good, with or without pronoun

      (tu) medicam sanas - (tu) medicum sanas

      (vos) medicam sanatis - (tu) medicum sanatis


      Yes. You're English is probably better than mine, so no problem.

      You're right about genders and they didn't include "female doctor", like they did with "female student", so I don't understand the logic here.

      The sentence to translate "You heal the doctor should be" "Sanas medicum" and "Sanas medicam" also accepted.

      But if they want us to translated "Sanas medicam", it should be "The female doctor heals", (like for discipula).

      I hope they'll fix it, because it's very confusing, and make think that "medica" is the standard masculine for the name.


      “Medicam sanas” without the pronoun ought to work


      Oh, how the turned have tables


      People do not study Latin in order to learn anti-historical theories of gender equivalence.


      I thought word order was not supposed to matter in Latin, so I tried "Medicam sanas tu", but it was not accepted. Should this be accepted?

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