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Why Bahasa Indonesia?

I want to know peoples reasons for taking this course. I'm very curious.

I've heard that Indonesian is projected to become a language that is needed moreso in the near future because of the amount of land that is said to be covered by water due to rising sea levels. That and other facts means for a large Indonesian world diaspora. I watched a video where a guy plainly stated he is taking the course since its so close to his target language, Malay (Bahasa Melayu).

I'm curious as to the reason you're studying it and would be appreciate if you shared more information about your progress if you'd like. :)

September 1, 2019



My family has Indonesian roots (mixed Dutch / Indonesian, which is called 'Indisch' in Dutch. My partner is also 'Indisch', he was born there. A lot of the vocab is familiar, because my family and my partner use it. The 'Indische' vocab in Dutch is disappearing though. It's a bit like jiddisch. There used to be a lot of Hebrew/jiddish words which were used by Dutch people also. But this is less and less the case.


Indonesia is a near neighbour and I think it is important that Australians should be able to speak Indonesia's language. Been there many times and the reception I have received when I insist on speaking Indonesian has been teriffic


My wife is Javanese.


I live in Jakarta as an expat and want to learn the language. I've taken a course, but I don't have the time to commit to another 15 x 2 hours lesson-plan. I hope this app can provide me with the basics to find my way around town :). It's very convenient with all the traffic


I'm interested in it because of its grammar. Its a lot easier than then English grammar. It amazing. No "the" and past and present are the same.


Wife is Indonesian so I want to learn her native language. Could be fun to get in touch with others that take this course


Hey bro, my wife is also Indonesian, thereby the first reason to learn is fairly obvious:) In addition, I'd say it's very reasonable to learn Bahasa due to several other reasons: a)big population 264mln(2017), b)easy grammar, pronunciation, and alphabet (at least for English speakers or those who use Latin alphabet in their language), many borrowed words from English, c)good prospectives regarding growing Indonesian economy and tapping into its benefits.

All in all, let's feel good about learning Bahasa Indonesia! :)


Reason no.1 is enough for me. Learning languages is not my primary interest but I am working myself through this course.


I have Indonesian comic artist friends and want to read their comics. Also I love Indonesian cooking and want to learn new recipes. And last, Indonesia is so far from where I live and so vast when I learn Indonesian my mind is on travel and it makes me calm.


Do they publish their comics online? If so I'd love to check them out if you have a link


I am on my way to becoming a teacher and Indonesian is a common language to be taught in Aussie schools so it could be handy to know enough to substitute in a class.


I’m studying it because I wanted an Asian language, or African, or something similar, not European, bu with the same alphabet. I chose Indonesian (the other options were Swahili and Navajo) and got hooked. It is easy, fun, and very interesting.


I am a Filipino-American who has Indonesian friends from Church. I just want to learn a similar langage.

Wet in Tagalog is Basa.

Wet in Bahasa Indonesia is Basah.


I only really became interested in learning Indonesian when I visited Bali earlier this year. I noticed in Bali outside the tourist areas not many speak English well. I do intend to visit Bali and other parts of Indonesia in the future and it will be very useful on speaking the language.


Parts of Jakarta are sinking. But Indonesia has vast areas of land, so the people there can move to other parts of the country.


I'm starting to love musical artists from Indonesia like Maudy Ayunda, Rich Brian and Niki. I'm also a huge Iko Uwais fan!


im learning it because i have indonesian friends


I have been two times in indonesia many years ago and I fall in love with this country.


I'm Belgian converted to Islam. I learned Arabic and speak it fluently now alhamdulillah. Seeing how others are struggling learning it, I thought that maybe I learn languages quickly? So I learned Morrocon dialect Arabic, and speak it well. After that I started Turkish. I want to learn languages spoken in muslim majority countries. After Turkish I wondered what to learn...Amazighiyya, Farsi, Somali or Indonesian. Then I stumbled on Duolingo, and since they offer Indonesian, I can learn it here. I've never met any Indonesian but I heard they are so gentle and kind and patient. I've seen an Indonesian serie dubbed into Arabic many years ago, and I loved the calmness of the characters. Unfortunately I have nobody to speak Turkish nor Indonesian, so I have no idea how well I speak it. But hey, that's how I started my Arabic as well.


I plan to get married to my fiance next year, and I will move to bandung afterwards. This requires me to speak the language.


Join my group then, we practice bahasa Indonesia , just look for my post at the bottom


I am learning it to follow my dreams to help people in need in Indonesia.


I'm half Indoesian but I wasn't taught the language fully whilst growing up. I'd like to be able to speak to my Mum in her native language as well as my extended family who don't really speak much English. A part of the reason is also that I would like to connect with that part of my heritage more so learning the langauge is a good first step. I have a lot of the basic words and sentences down so I'm hoping to get to a conversational level in the next couple of months.

It's great to see a variety of different reason for people to be learning Bahasa Indonesia; good luck with your studies!

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