"Azantī rijis."

Translation:They are praising the knights.

September 1, 2019

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It seems like, to me, there are three ways to pronounce J in HV, no? /dʒ/ in rijis /ʒ/ in jiorna /j/ majaqis And is there a way to know when is which?


In the simulated evolution of High Valyrian in the fantastical world of Westeros and Essos /j/ is very ancient and does not fit with the further evolved and used language. /ʝ/ is archaic but usable. /d͡ʒ/ a common pronunciation for j for speakers of the common tongue (English) or from citizens of the Free Cities (because j evolved so in the Low Valyrian dialects of the Free Cities). /ʒ/ is the common pronunciation for j in the cities of Slaver's Bay, again due to the evolution of the sound in those dialects. You see, D. Peterson is amazing in the simulation of a natural evolution of the language!
The choice is yours based on your abilities and preference

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