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"Wirst du mir ein Glas Wein anbieten?"

Translation:Are you going to offer me a glass of wine?

June 17, 2014



This should be in the flirting section


What is the difference between bieten and anbieten?


From https://german.yabla.com/lesson-Bieten-versus-Anbieten-522: "...anbieten is the specific process or act of making an offer, whereas bieten is a general state or condition, that is, a standing offer or a feature", "...when someone is bidding in an auction you would always use the word bieten (or steigern), but never anbieten".

P.S. I'm not a native speaker.


why not will you serve me a glass of wine?


"to serve" is the act of giving, so. a glass of wine, while "anbieten" means "to offer"


why not "will you serve me a glass of wine?"


The word "offer" carries a connotation of rejectability, whereas "serve" more implies that it's going to be brought to you, regardless of whether or not you want it. So, its ultimately a slight difference in the strength of the tone being used.


That has nothing to do with the german, but with the english language. Going to describes that its planned, but the meanings are very similar.


"Will you offer to me a glass of wine" is also a right translation. However, you kill one of my hearts.


Same here, I don’t see why “will you offer to me a glass of wine?” is wrong.


"Will you offer me a glass of wine." Should be accepted. You don't need the "to".


Can you clarify the difference between a glass of wine and a wine glass?


Glas of wine: las with wine in it. Wine glass: An glas which is extra made for wine


i would also like to know why this can't be, will you serve me a glass of wine

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