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Surprising similarities!

I just got the news about Latin and thanks to all the people who made this happen. I been learning French for two years, I was not expecting such shocking similarities between the two especailly in stuff like basic sentences. Also, is femenia the actual word for women?

September 1, 2019



Like mother like daughter (language). :) Latin is really cool. As cool as French!

(Note, femina, spelling.)

This is kind of OT, but referring to this thread, you'll be pleased to know that a wolf played a big part in the legendary story of the founding of Rome:

(see, here, "The Discovery of Romulus & Remus").


I know about Romulus and Remus and it is a beautiful story but sadly Remus died. :(


LOL People nowadays. One thing you got understand about myths and legends is that they are there to pass wisdom, so there are more in the story than "a brother killing the other"


Understand that these stories have a way greater meaning and lead formation of Rome, the Roman Empire and the spread of Christianity. And I agree that people look too much at the little things than the big things that really make a difference.


"Femina" is not the only word for "woman" -- see this discussion: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/33901320

Yes, French is a Romance language (like Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Catalan and others); it is based on Latin.


I was thinking it to be different due to all the grammatical cases unlike most Latin languages and creoles. With Romanian being the expection.


That's cool! It's interesting to read this from your perspective, because I had the opposite happen - I learned Latin first and reveled in its complexity, so when I started Italian, I was quite disappointed to find that it was far simpler than what I had been expecting. :D

That said, I did recently have a similar experience to what you had. I was thinking about a phrase in French that I had memorized (I don't actually know much French), and then my brain started doing its little blippy thing and tried to convert it to Italian, and I realized - I understood it. Granted, I knew what it meant already, but it was thanks to Italian that I understood the grammar. :D

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.


Yeah, it really is amazing on how close on how all these languages really are. I was basing it on complexity and the evolution rate and French has one of the lowest with 80%, so the way I understood it was pretty exciting. I can't wait to learn more of Latin but first I must learn Chinese which I am going to be taking next year in School.


Well, French is a descendant of Latin, so their similarities really shouldn't be shocking.

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