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"There is an office behind the building."

Translation:خَلْف اَلْبِناية مَكْتَب.

September 1, 2019



Why is there no option for including the Arabic for "there is?"


I believe the current translation is not literal. It should be:

هناك مكتب خلف البناية


LantasticO, but a literal translation is often not the best one.


You can write either way. Both are correct in English as well as Arabic. The meaning remains same.

There is an office behind the building. هناك مكتب خلف البنايه Or Behind the building is an office. خلف البنايه مكتب


But the latter is possibly to be considered the most idiomatic in Arabic?


missing هناك


You don't need it for sentences of the kind they're teaching us in this lesson (so long as the subject is indefinite, as I understand it). Think of it as, "Behind the building is an office."

I guess the locative force of هناك is covered by the prepositional phrase as well? (i.e. having said "behind the building" we don't need to add "over there"...)

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