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  5. "a smart Arab boy"

"a smart Arab boy"

Translation:وَلَد عَرَبِيّ ذَكِيّ

September 1, 2019



Why is ذَكِيّ عَرَبِيّ wrong. What is the rule for adjective order? I like Duo, but just marking something wrong without explanation doesn't help.


As a general rule in most languages, adjectives like colour, material, or nationality tend to stand closest to the noun. In English this means right before the noun because adjectives come before it (smart Arab boy), in Arabic it's the same principle, but in reverse order because adjectives come after the noun. This knowledge really helped me memorizing the preferred order.


The question is an arab who is smart But you're sentence says is a smart who happens to be arab, like "arab smart boy"whereas needed is "smart Arab boy"


why is this wrong, or rather, what is the rule for word order: وَلَد ذَكِيّ عَرَبِيّ


Arabic takes an english sentence backwards , most of the times


Try to explain rules for writing adverbs and adjectives first then go to phrases.it will help in learning the language.


Whats the difference between عَرَبِيّ and عربي ? I put rhe first one as the answer but it said I had a typo and showed the actual answer with the second one.


How can i writing with "zer-zabar-pesh" in the Arabic keyboard.?

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