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  5. "I am your partner."

"I am your partner."

Translation:Ich bin dein Partner.

April 19, 2013



Why is it not Ihr or Ihre?


Ihr/Ihre is formal. You wouldn't use the formal tone with your partner, except maybe in a business sense. I'm not sure if Partner applies to that situation or not.


That is exactly what happened to me.


I am confused why is this dein? Der Partner is masculine and it is the object of the sentence so in the accusative it should be deine. What am i doing wrong?


When the verb of the sentence is 'sein/to be', the nouns on either side of the verb are treated as the subject/nominative. This is also a rule in English; if you were to knock on a friend's door, and your friend asked, "Who is it," you might respond with, "It's me," but the "correct" way to put it is, "It is I."

My guess behind the rule is that, since you're saying that something is something else, you are essentially describing them as the same thing, and so they should be treated as the same part of speech.

Also, with a masculine noun in the accusative, the article/possessive pronoun ending changes to -en, not -e. For example: "I see your partner." = "Ich sehe deinen Partner." I hope this helps.


so, i'm confused, please explain the difference between eure and dein to me?


You're not alone! Many English speakers have trouble with "you" and "your" in languages like German. In English we use "you" and "your" to refer to a single person or several people, but in German "dein" = "your" singular and "euer" = "your" plural. Both should be accepted here. "Eure" would only work if the original sentence had been "We are your partnerS." because it implies plural both on the side of the "owner" as well as the "owned".


If it were a female partner, would it be "Ich bin deine Partnerin?"


If it were a female partner, would it be "Ich bin deine Partnerin?"



Why isn't it Ich bin deinen Partner?


Short answer: because we use the nominative case after the verb "to be", not the accusative.


Because I watched a video on youtube abouy Darth Vader, who lets Luke know the following: Ich bin dein Vater, I was immediately destined to give a wrong answer. I happily read Vater insted of Partner...so I got corrected the first time.


Ok, let's say I'm poly, because I am. In that case, a plural "you" makes sense "I am you all's partner". It's that “Ich bin euer Partner"?


In the case of a person who is several people's partner, ich bin euer Partner would indeed be correct.

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