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  5. "عِنْد أَرْوى قِطّة غَريبة."

"عِنْد أَرْوى قِطّة غَريبة."

Translation:Arwa has a weird cat.

September 2, 2019



Is qiTTah just female cat or is it cat in general? (Both male and female)


I think that for cats when you dont specify the gender you just say the feminine and the opposite for dogs in Arabic


Got this wrong due to typing an "r" instead of a "t" for "cat"..... Hope DL makes a typo correction feature soon.


I've found the majority of time Duo is very lenient with typos, but then there's those other times...!! In instances like this one, they will always mark it wrong if it makes an entirely different word. (Car vs cat). But there's other times it's a simple typo you'd think it'd be able to figure out (like it's the next letter on the keyboard, and it DOESN'T turn it into a different work) and it will mark it wrong. I mean, no one is getting sent down a chute for getting a wrong answer, or kicked out of the program, so some things we just need to put up with. And-lol-there's not always an explanation for why! ;-)


Its really sucks that one typing mistake makes the all answer wrong.


No cat is wierd, just unique.

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