"Ros na Rún" returns to TG4 Tues Sept 3!

Longest running Irish language soap opera! Okay, it's the only Irish language soap opera... Let me say for starters I always hated soaps when I was growing up. But this has much better quality production values than similar American shows. The plots vary from good solid drama to eye rolling melodrama with characters carrying the idiot ball. But the characters are mostly believable and sympathetic.

A friend of mine recommended soap shows as one way to get exposure to everyday language; it helped him pick up Spanish faster. And of course TG4 has much more to offer besides soaps: dramas, documentaries, sport and news. Alas , a lot of the Irish Gaelic language learning, especially for children, is often geo restricted.

Anois, nach bitseach i, "Dee"?


September 2, 2019


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If you want to double your dose, older episodes are available on youtube. After I binge-watched the whole season 1, I have had to slow down as every few days a little more is uploaded for season 2 (the first 9 episodes as of 2019-02-12).

Look for Sraith 1, Sraith 2 ... and here's hoping many more sraitheanna to come.

September 13, 2019

GRMA! I just gave up on the idea I could ever catch up...

The best soap on TV in the whole world, and in Irish as well! Brilliant writing and drama.

Thanks. Sounds interesting and I will start watching it.

Tá súil agam go gcoinnífear Dee ar an gclár agus go bhfanann sí go holc

What is go gcoinnífear?
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I would imagine a typo for go coinneofar - "I hope that Dee will be kept on the show".

(That's how I read it, and I only realized that it wasn't spelled that way when you asked, and I had to look it up).

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