"My eyes are hurting me."

Translation:Laehossa yne ōdris.

September 2, 2019

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Shouldn't we have to add a possesive adjective? Ñuha laehossa yne ōdris?

I understand that yne will mean that the eyes hurt 'me' but it could be someone else's eyes


He talks about this in the skill notes if you can access them on the website (they don’t usually come up on the app). He says that in sentences like this it is preferred to omit the possessive adjective because the possessive is implied by context. He says the possessive adjective would only be used for disambiguation, but in most cases the default interpretation in a sentence like this would be that the it’s the speaker’s eyes that are hurting him or her rather than someone else’s eyes (which would be less likely). He does also say that it is not ungrammatical to include the adjective, though it is highly unidiomatic.


Thank you! Maybe i should use the website more

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