Is B1 update in sight?

Hi everyone,

Basically, the title says it all. I remember that in a blog post, they mentioned that there would be a B1 tree update, similar to A2 update earlier. Do we know anything about the timeline? I searched here and checked the incubator but couldn't find any information.


September 2, 2019


Is it allowed for me to say that at a given point it makes no sense to add more and more skills/lessons to the same beginner tree?

I hope developers are already thinking about to invent the required technology and re-engineer their "Learn" website to choose the relevant level for learners:

  • shorter tree for true beginner / first time starters in a Romance language (A1), 69-96 skills max
  • separate extension for a beginner (A2) vocabulary and grammar wise: 113-119 / 156-159 skills

  • grammar-focused QUICKSTART tree which contains less vocabulary but all dedicated grammar / verb tense skills A1-B1+ for people with some existing knowledge or who are more interested in learning the full grammar first

  • choosable B1+ vocabulary addons

IMHO it does not make much sense to reset "converted skills" or crowns on each "tree update" every time.

Why not do it like BliuBliu that the system specifically asks you what ALL languages you do speak and to what level... find any word similarities between Germanic (English, German) or Romance languages and to adjust the learning (or let's say translation / hint) experience?

For French I already made some (unheard) FEATURE REQUESTS here to add additionally FILTERS for trees and skills:$comment_id=31458321

September 2, 2019

Along these lines, I think we might agree that the current Spanish tree is just too long, given that we already know fluency is not reachable in its current form anyway. I’d be interested to know how many learners simply walk away after reaching a goal, whether it be a golden tree or a gilded one, only to have that goal snatched away after yet another an update. To already have reached a goal or waypoint and then be told effectively that you have not is at best frustrating, and at worst insulting, especially when it comes at the end of a year or two of really hard work on the learner’s part.

So if B1 is on the horizon, I would welcome it in the form of a second tree, or even a completely new learning module apart from the original, even though I’m not sure what that would look like. Perhaps some sort of evolution/mutation, instead of more gloated expansion.

September 2, 2019

It depends on whether or not your goal is to have a golden tree or to learn the language. You said it yourself, fluency is not possible on Duolingo. However, I believe it is a very good strong first step towards fluency. After getting to a high enough level in the spanish tree, you should be able to convince conversation partners that you're not a "hopeless case." You'll be able to read basic articles in a spanish newspaper to expand your vocabulary and you will be to learn from podcasts.

September 2, 2019

Of course, but the point of Duo is that gamification keeps people coming back until they do get that higher level. If their actions are causing people to quit, that is not going to help them get to that strong first step.

September 3, 2019

Sooner or later isn't everyone going to quit though? Also how do they know when to expand the tree? You're either giving bored people more content or potentially taking away a golden tree from someone who just got it a week ago? The more advanced people, ie lvl 23+, should probably stop caring about a golden tree IMO. It means less and less in terms of language learning the further you progress.

Just an example, but when duolingo finally came out with new beta content for the Spanish tree, I reset my own tree...twice. Just in the hopes of seeing the new content. The golden tree was nice but being able to hold a conversation or read another article in Spanish means so much more to me now.

September 3, 2019

yeah doesn't frustrate me. I've been excited when extensions come out and I have new stuff to work on

September 5, 2019

Yup, i for one was annoyed at the update this year when they expanded to 159 lessons. I personally am 13 lessons away from completing the A2 portion and i'm just going to level up my skills from there & move onto Memrise to expand my vocabulary and start speaking/listening in Spanish. I will keep saying it, Duolingo focuses way too much on vocabulary, especially useless vocabulary when it should be training us to conjugate verbs in all the necessary tenses in a limited set of useful vocab & they need more grammar explanations as well. Duolingo need to stop forcing excercises where prepositions are needed or knowing the difference between using imperfect vs preterite when 1. it's not explained anywhere in Duolingo & 2. This isn't a focus in A2 courses but yet in the beginner segment of Duo, these types of things turn people off.

September 3, 2019

From what I've heard, I think it will be early next year.

September 2, 2019
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