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  5. "فِلَسْطين مَكان مُتَنَوِّع."

"فِلَسْطين مَكان مُتَنَوِّع."

Translation:Palestine is a diverse place.

September 2, 2019



Calling it a "place" is an interesting decision.


There's an exercise calling france a 'place'. Is that decision interesting as well? Just dont overthink it. We're here to learn. Not pass judgement. And im saying that as a jew living in israel. If you must make some sence of it you can think of it the same way you do about the country in the north eastern edge of africa you call egypt while arabs call it miSr. Btw, jews have a similar name for it. Why do you insist on calling a place a diffrent name from the one use by its citizens? -Who cares?!


There goes the endless political debate


Yup, it has begun :(


Seriously people? Palestine is a place like any other place around the world is a place. Stop politicizing learning a language or it would be impossible to learn Spanish because of catalán, French because of Basque, curds etc etc.


And countries are such by virtue of their recognition as such by the UN. Palestine is not a country at this time. Just a fact, nada más


Well, according to this map, it would seem that about 2/3 of the world recognises Palestine, all except US and its acolytes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_recognition_of_the_State_of_Palestine


There are many gay people in Palestine. There are even gay Jewish people in the Palestinian liberation movement. Same in any country ~ the ultra orthodox religious group together, the open minded group together.


Palestine has ALWAYS been diverse. Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze, secular people, gay people have always lived in Palestine. Gay people may not attract attention to themselves but they are there and always have been. I personally know gay Palestinians.


I see some supremacist people here who support a recently formed terrorist country, they probably support what is going on now against the poor Palestines.

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