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  5. "Nos lavamus."

"Nos lavamus."

Translation:We wash ourselves.

September 2, 2019



Does "nos" here mean we or ourselves ?


It can mean either. But, the way I see it: If it is the DO, then "we wash ourselves", but "we bathe" sounds more natural to me; if it is the subject, then it should be "we wash"... maybe "we wash (something)".


We wash. = means rather we wash ourselves (implied)


It is not wrong, but I cannot remember ever hearing "We wash" in the UK, except with the meaning "We wash the dishes, and you dry" "We wash ourselves" is common enough, if a bit pedantic. We are more likely to turn "wash" into a noun and say "We have a wash before dinner" where an American might say "We wash up before dinner"' although "have a wash" implies a bit more than just washing you hands.

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