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Who are you?

Hello i am Niwwii, I created this username and i am french and you? i want to know more people on duolingo than can practice me other languages than french ! sorry if i write in a bad english, you can correct my mystakes ;)

September 2, 2019

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I am french to, I think you Don't care to speak with me because we have the same language but we can speak English if you want


I think it would be good if we talk because I am learning French and I can also help you with English. However, nice to meet you.


Hello, je suis de langue française et je tente désespérément de parler anglais ...


hello, i am also french. it is necessary to speak in english, you will have the erreurs but it is not important. the important it is to begin. tank you for to listen me.


hi i am oussama i am from morocco me too i want to learn author languages like english and french


Good morning Niwwii ... firstly we say mistakes with I and not Y... I inform you that I speak Arabic French and English so be free and don't be shy to start chatting with me, we are here to make friends.


Just to let you know, (I want to know more people on Duolingo, so I can practice other languages rather than French with them. ;)


hello, I am Algerian Kabyle from the city of Bejaia, I would like to improve my English and meet people, for that I am looking for someone to help me


i speak English as a spanish cow!


Bousquet, I love this 'French expression' (I am Spanish


Me too ! It's terrible ...


I m Haitian and I LOVE languages sports and reading. :D


Hello, I am an african boy who live in Cameroon.


Hello I am from a French speaking country too and I will love to speak English, but I think that for that I would need friends with whom to speak. I count on you !


Hello, i am Gisou in Duolingo, i study the langage english while one year now, i am french and i want to speak with another people in Duolingo for to have a best language. Sorry for my bad english, i exercise me.


hello Niwwii, I am Algerian Kabyle from the city of Bejaia, I would like to improve my English and meet people, for that I am looking for someone to help me


Hello, how are you, i'm searching for friends on duolingo, i'm french, and i'm learning english.


hi i am Mohamed , i went too know more people for practrice anglish

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