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"His mother's brother is his uncle."

Translation:उसकी माँ के भाई उसके मामा हैं।

September 2, 2019



WHy is uske used.. Like could it not be apne


I believe it's because the subject here is the mother's brother, not "his". Apne refers to the subject only.


Why is maan in oblique form here? I thought "brother" is not respectful, as i saw in past exercises


I presume you're asking why 'के' instead of 'का'. Remember that का/की/के agree in case and number with the possessed thing, not with the possessor.

It's not oblique; it's plural. "Mother's brother", just like "uncle", calls for an honorific plural.


It makes me wonder about the rules for honorifics in weird situations. For example when someone is high in the speaker's esteem (grandfather for example) but is talked about by a King in the sentence thus the King sees them as low. Does Hindi use the perspective of the speaker or of the King?


Why not uska mama? If its respectful and uske is used then why is ke bhai used?


Why मौसा wrong मौसा मामा are both maternal


Your मौसा would be your mother's brother-in-law, not brother.


when should mausa / mama be used


Your mother's siblings are:

  • मौसी (mausi) - her sister / your aunt
  • मामा (mama) - her brother / your uncle

And her sibling-in-laws are:

  • मौसा (mausa) - her sister's husband, i.e. brother-in-law / your uncle by marriage
  • मामी (mami) - her brother's wife, i.e. sister-in-law / your aunt by marriage
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